A shared resources platform dedicated to the future of craft beer.

We are

stronger together

IndieBrew is designed to offer best-in-class professionalization of certain core business functions—including accounting, human resources, and sales—which many brewery owners can't afford to implement and improve on their own. We seek to establish long-term stability and continued growth for each IndieBrew brand, so these brands can remain independent and continue doing what matters most: telling their unique stories and creating their best products, rather than simply getting by.

IndieBrew members currently include Scofflaw Brewing and Bearded Iris, though we are in active conversations with other breweries about joining the platform in the coming months. This is only the beginning!

We're here

to change the game

IndieBrew is a new entity, and we're going to do things in a new way. We are committed to changing the industry and envisioning a better future for craft, starting with being better ourselves.

  • Breweries
  • Consumers & Distribution Partners
  • Community

For our breweries

By combining resources and increasing our scale, we can offer more services not typically available to smaller breweries. Together, we commit to providing industry-leading, safe, and inclusive workspaces grounded in trust, respect, and transparency, where constant learning and growth are our guiding values.

For the teams of IndieBrew brands, we offer financial stability and career opportunities that many small independent breweries simply don't have the resources to provide on their own.


For our consumers & distribution partners

IndieBrew's combined resources for sales and logistics will offer a larger, more versatile portfolio of products to more places. This means craft beer fans will have easier access to more beers from IndieBrew partners than ever before.


For our communities

IndieBrew brands are forces for good. We will intentionally focus on sustainability initiatives by taking the full platform carbon neutral in the coming years. Additionally, through more expansive charitable partnerships we directly and positively impact our communities, our cities, and our region.

Recent charitable partner include: Giving Kitchen, TennGreen Land Conservancy, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Southern Environmental Law Center, and Project Drawdown.


The Latest


Scofflaw Brewing Hits Top 50 Craft Breweries in the US!

Brewers Association Releases Annual Craft Brewing Industry Production Report and Top 50 Producing Craft Brewing Companies for 2021


Nashville Scene – Bearded Iris Joins Atlanta’s Scofflaw Brewing Co. to Create IndieBrew

Shared services alliance aims to allow smaller craft breweries to compete with the big boys


Good Beer Hunting – Scofflaw, Bearded Iris Combine to Launch New Brewery Collective, IndieBrew

Nashville-based Bearded Iris Brewing has announced it will join Atlanta’s Scofflaw Brewing in shared ownership under IndieBrew, a new brewery collective that Scofflaw launched in October.


Bearded Iris Brewing Joins IndieBrew

Bearded Iris Brewing joins Scofflaw Brewing as second co-founder of IndieBrew platform, continuing traction towards mission to “Brew with Purpose”


Scofflaw Brewing Co. Announces creation of IndieBrew

Small breweries simply do not have the bandwidth to compete in an equitable way. By combining forces, we will become a stronger, more-equipped total beverage supplier.

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