Welcome to IndieBrew, a new platform created to level the playing field for craft breweries. Large multinational breweries have always had the resources needed to dominate. Their domination is not about quality or supporting local small businesses, it’s about control of resources and the market. Every day craft brewers are losing control over their brands and local markets. For the most part, they are not well enough equipped to fight for a position in an industry chock full of consolidation and shrinking retail real estate.

This is why we created the Independent Brewers Union, also known as IndieBrew. Breweries will be merged under the IndieBrew umbrella which will look to improve administrative, procurement, and sales functions for its members. IndieBrew will also work to shrink its carbon footprint and improve sustainability. Brands operating under IndieBrew will have access to these shared resources, but will still be able to maintain their independence. This will open doors to new markets, including better penetration and representation in existing markets.  In the end, IndieBrew brands will be able to focus on what they do best: telling their stories and creating new products.


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Bearded Iris Brewing Joins IndieBrew

Bearded Iris Brewing joins Scofflaw Brewing as second co-founder of IndieBrew platform, continuing traction towards mission to “Brew with Purpose”